Based on a survey of a random sample of parents and children furniture stores on baby cribs users in Egypt 2010; 52% uses low quality baby cribs that do not meet the ASTM international safety standards, united states consumer product safety commission or the European child safety alliance 12% don’t buy baby cribs as there are short term usage compared to their prices and use unsafe normal furniture substitutes only 36 % buy baby cribs that meet the safety standard or borrow it from a relative, 8% of crib owners keep it as a reminder of nostalgic memories, 65% wish they could keep it but they don’t have enough storage area The challenge was to design a baby crib that convince buyers to buy cribs that meet the safety standards After a market research it was found that there were many attempts to extend the life time of baby cribs from 0-4 years up to 12 years to be more convenient by extending the crib size or converting to another form as a desk or a storage with the need of adding or discarding parts Then came the idea of Life a convertible piece of furniture that grows up as the consumer does it is an experimental project testing the emotional bonds between humans and furniture .to be a life companion Life converts to 3 main different forms and 4 secondary forms without adding or discarding extra parts

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